Advantasure Achieves Veracode Verified Standard Status

/ Advantasure Achieves Veracode Verified Standard Status /

Veracode Verified helps companies prove commitment to produce secure software

GLEN ALLEN, Va. – Oct. 31, 2019Advantasure today announced that it participates in Veracode Verified, a program that validates a company’s secure software development processes. With approximately 30% of all breaches occurring as a result of a vulnerability at the application layer, and 83% of applications containing at least one flaw on initial scan, purchasers are demanding more insight into the security of the software they are buying. Veracode Verified empowers Advantasure to demonstrate its commitment to creating secure software.

By implementing Veracode Verified, Advantasure makes security part of its competitive advantage and better integrates security with development. The company achieved Veracode Verified Standard status in eight solutions: Billing, Claims, Commercial Risk Adjustment Base platform, EDPS, Enrollment Services, Medical Record Review, Symphony Population Health and Care Management, and the Medicare Advantage Business Intelligence Risk Adjustment Platform.

When purchasing software, customers and prospects are demanding to understand how secure the software is. As part of Veracode Verified, Advantasure can now demonstrate through a seal and provide an attestation letter from an industry leader that the application has undergone security testing as part of the development practice. Additionally, participating in the program ensures that our software meets a high standard of application security, reducing risk for our customers.

“By extending Veracode Verified across an array of its business solutions, Advantasure is committed to delivering secure code to help organizations reduce the risk of a major security breach,” said Asha May, Director of Customer Engagement, Veracode. “Companies that invest in secure coding processes and follow our protocol for a mature application security program are able to deliver more confidence to customers who deploy their software.”

“Advantasure customers and prospective customers are demanding to understand how Advantasure secures its software and protects PHI/PII within the software they are purchasing. Advantasure can now demonstrate that its process of building security into the software has been validated by an industry leader, Veracode,” said Wallace Dalrymple, CISO of Emergent Holdings and Advantasure. “Additionally, this ensures that Advantasure’s software meets a high standard of application security, reducing risk for its customers.”

Organizations that had their secure development practice validated, and their application accepted into the Veracode Verified Standard tier have demonstrated that the following security gates have been implemented into their software development practice:

  • Assesses first-party code with static analysis
  • Documents that the application does not allow Very High flaws in first-party code
  • Provides developers with remediation guidance when new flaws are introduced

About Advantasure

Advantasure is a healthcare technology and business process services company that improves the performance of health plans and provider organizations in the delivery of government healthcare programs. Through a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, Advantasure enables clients to lower administrative costs, increase reimbursement accuracy and improve the quality of care for their members.


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