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Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Waldman

The qualities of any exceptional employee include having the necessary experience to fulfill the needs of the position, a burning desire to impact and change health outcomes for members and the innate ability to be given something and make it better.

Elizabeth “Liz” Waldman checks every box in her role as supervisor of the Stars Initiatives Data and Analytics team. As a bonus, Liz’s personal connection to her role is also what drives her work.

The Stars Initiatives Data and Analytics team offers initiative support to the Quality department by providing target lists, initiative monitoring and evaluation, ad hoc requests and deep dive analytics.

“Initiatives are the provider- or member-facing programs we offer, that are centered around Stars measures,” said Liz. “My team’s work helps identify members who are in need of necessary healthcare services and the initiatives we offer aid the member in taking the recommended action.”

Though Liz’s team members aren’t direct patient-facing associates, the valuable work they do, impacts members through Data and Analytics. A robust team of six, four members of the team focus on initiative support while the other two teammates attention is on initiative monitoring, evaluation and deep dives.

Liz’s organizational skills come in to play while she supports her team in their work to manage the analytic needs of six clients, keeping track of the requests from our internal teams and meeting with her team to ensure they understand what the ask is. She also coordinates the communication between her team and the Execution team.

“My job is really about supporting my team and ensuring they have the tools they need to get the job done and part of that is making sure they have a clear understanding of what our internal teams are requesting,” said Liz. “When preparing for initiatives to launch, my team meets with the Execution team to talk through criteria to define which members to go after.”

In any role, there are plenty of challenges, but Liz approaches each one with solutions fueled by her optimism.

“One of the biggest challenges is often the constant changes with initiatives, client changes, timeline changes or changes to the criterion,” said Liz. “Communication is key and we can cure most of our challenges through regular touch points with our internal teams to make sure everyone is in the loop about updates and we are on the same page.”

The work that Liz and her team does is integral to our business. The data her team pulls helps zero in on our target populations and allows us to make informed and data driven decisions on who to pursue for an initiative. She notes that using the data to drive decisions will increase the likelihood that we are pursuing members who are least likely to seek preventative care and services on their own.

In turn, the work the team does has a direct impact on client Stars performance and will ultimately allow the client to offer a better-quality health plan.

Liz understands the value in the work she does and how it impacts Stars ratings, but she credits her willingness to go the extra mile to her personal connection to the work she does.

“I have a parent that falls into the Medicaid category, so the work we do is a lot more real for me witnessing firsthand their experience,” she said. “I know the work we do will ultimately impact them.”

Liz takes pride in where her career has taken her and is proud to work for a great company like Advantasure. Liz credits her success at the company to her amazing team, the hardest working people she knows, who put their heart into everything they do and are always willing to go the extra mile.

When she’s not working, her and her husband are tag teaming to manage the busy activity schedules of their five- and seven-year-old children.

The Fun Stuff

  • Favorite movie: Sound of Music “I love listening to Julie Andrews sing, she has such an incredible voice.”
  • Favorite quote: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Inspired by: “My mom inspires me. She was a single mom of four kids who overcame a lot of obstacles in life but never once backed down or gave up.”
  • Favorite thing(s) to do:
    • I enjoy spending time with my family. I have three siblings, 2-year-old twin nieces and a nephew. We love getting together for Sunday dinner at my mom’s house.
    • I also enjoy baking and then giving away what I bake. Sweets make people happy and I like seeing the smile on people’s faces when they are enjoying something that I made.
    • I love a good craft project! If I weren’t in data and analytics for a career, I would like to be an event planner where I could plan the aesthetics of events.

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