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These days, compassion can be difficult to come by. However, for Raven Hemphill, an Operations Quality Audit analyst, compassion not only comes naturally, but it’s a trait that allows her to produce quality outcomes that lead to member and client satisfaction and overall excellence.

On the Business Platforms Performance team, Raven has jurisdiction over several diverse areas. Her day-to-day involves identifying operational inefficiencies across products and working towards resolutions. She also performs end-to-end user acceptance testing for product enhancements and developments, maintains audit functions for key areas of business and supports the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) across all lines of business. Furthermore, Raven works to optimize the performance of various product lines (Claims, Enrollment, Billing) by providing real-time actionable analytics, benchmarks and standards.

According to Raven, the biggest challenge of her daily workload is the fast-paced environment and quick turnaround times. In order to excel in her role, Raven focuses on ensuring her own well-being so that she is well prepared to take on any task.

“Prioritizing, staying organized and constant communication is how I deal with it,” she explains. “Also, remembering to take breaks, get up, stretch and come back to it so I don’t get overwhelmed.”

Raven finds strength in her critical thinking skills and ability to manage competing priorities without jeopardizing quality. She has a proven track record of identifying inefficiencies and improving performances and functions. Raven’s experience has helped her realize that she is very flexible to business needs and able to aptly handle competing high priority tasks.

Yet, Raven’s success is no surprise. Ever since she was young, she wanted to make a difference. In college, she pursued her interest in criminal justice, hoping to make an impact within the justice system. Today, Raven works hard to make a difference in member experiences as well as provide client and provider satisfaction. While her role doesn’t entail direct contact with members and providers, she’s dedicated to doing her part – regardless how small or big it seems — to ensure the member receives the care they need and deserve.

“Member experience is big for me because I always put myself in the member’s shoes,” said Raven.  “My daughter was born with a rare genetic condition that involves a lot of specialty visits, inpatient stays and other things that require lots of prior authorizations, claims, and more. I always think about how seamless I expect the process to be when dealing with my healthcare company.”

In her free time, Raven takes pleasure in leisure activities and decompressing from work. She enjoys lighting candles, listening to music, and going on walks. With four children (two sons and twin daughters all under the age of eight) and a husband, much of Raven’s time is spent attending sports activities and traveling. However, the time spent is well worth the reward – for Raven’s family is her pride and joy.

Fun Facts About Raven:

Location: Virginia

Favorite Song: “I Was Here” by Beyonce

New Hobby Discovered During COVID-19: Home improvement! I watch a lot of DIY projects on YouTube.

Favorite Book: Becoming by Michelle Obama

A Cool Fact Not Everyone Knows: I love Mexican food!

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