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A former flight attendant, Thannia Rosa is a natural explorer. She loves traveling to different places and discovering new foods and cultures. So of course, it makes perfect sense that she’d get to do a few of her favorite things in her career.

Thannia is a Provider Engagement Coordinator (PEC), a part of Advantasure’s Risk Adjustment team, based in Puerto Rico. She started as a scanner nearly four years ago with Tessellate, prior to the formation of Advantasure. Her desire to learn and provide for her family led her to her current position.

Originally from Luquina, a small eastern town in Puerto Rico, Thannia is responsible for visiting 35 medical offices across six different towns to ensure members with chronic conditions are well supported.

“My clients view me as the face of Advantasure or any client I’m representing, when I visit,” said Thannia. “Both clients and providers like when they can attach a name and face to the services we provide.”

PECs are responsible for closing the gaps in care for members, improving risk score accuracy and revenue integrity by assisting healthcare providers with complete and accurate medical record documentation.

A work from home position, Thannia enjoys the flexibility of making her own schedule, visiting different medical offices and engaging with her clients.

“I really enjoy seeing the satisfaction on providers’ faces, when they see the results from our services,” she said. “This work is truly rewarding and leaves me fulfilled.”

Thannia’s ability to stay focused during turbulent times and adapt to sudden changes may stem from her experience as a flight attendant.

Times have changed the way Thannia works now. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Thannia now relies on her phone and fax machine to provide services to her clients. Navigating a new normal hasn’t been a challenge for her.

“I’ve discovered that life sometimes throws unexpected curve balls, so its important to me, to go with the flow,” she said. “When things don’t go your way, be flexible and find a way around it.”

Since realizing that traveling to her 19th country this year might not be realistic, Thannia has seized the opportunity to explore locally.

And when she’s not exploring, she’s learning new things, trying new foods, relaxing at the beach or spending time with her husband and eight-year-old son.

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