Member Acquisition & Engagement Platform Helps Upstart North East Plan Exceed Enrollment Expectations

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With 73% of U.S. seniors using the internet, today’s health plan cannot obtain a thriving acquisition and engagement rate without a competitive digital approach.

Advantasure’s Member Acquisition & Engagement platform uses machine learning to craft messages and micro-segment target populations to turn health plan data into actionable insights. When our platform was used during the first Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) for a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, the end result engaged seniors and yielded AEP success for the plan.

The Challenge

The specialized MA space requires extensive institutional knowledge, making it a challenging market for startup plans. When a new MA plan in the north east debuted its first AEP in 2020, a precise marketing strategy was needed to inform the state’s seniors. AEP success is important to a plan’s success, but it’s critical for the survival of a startup.

The state struggled to establish a digital marketing presence that could contribute to their acquisition strategy. Our Member Acquisition & Engagement platform provided the ideal complement to traditional marketing efforts.

The Solution

Focusing on short-term and long-term goals, this startup plan chose the Member Acquisition & Engagement platform to drive enrollment, group-to-individual conversions, and individual-to-individual conversions. Our digital insights were leveraged alongside traditional postal, call down, and broker marketing efforts.

On October 15, Advantasure launched a series of digital nudges to engage with a defined population of seniors. Using the AI machine learning insights, as well as behavioral science data and analysis, our team micro-segmented messaging to target and reach consumers. To test and further refine the data, each member received a message at least once during the AEP timeframe through email, Facebook, and Taboola.

The Outcome

Throughout the seven week pre-AEP and AEP campaign period, the Advantasure solution delivered 25 Facebook ads and five Taboola ads. Eight emails garnered a click-through rate of 7% — a much higher percentage than the 3.5% healthcare industry standard, according to Google Ad Words research.

During its first AEP, the new plan’s enrollment exceeded 4,000 new members — a 55% win rate over competitors who used alternative digital marketing solutions. By clearing the pathway to conversion with precise technology, Advantasure helped more seniors find the coverage they need. 

The Impact

3.4 million clicks + 23,000 clicks

As a result of 25 targeted Facebook ads and five Taboola ads, respectively.

7% email click-through rate

Twice the industry average of 3.5%.

4,000+ members

Acquired through the state’s first Annual Enrollment Period.

55% greater member win rate

Compared to competitors who used alternative digital marketing solutions.

About Advantasure’s Member Acquisition & Engagement platform

From startup plans to the sixth largest Medicare Advantage plan in the country, our machine learning technology maintains competitive intelligence to drive plan success. Advantasure offers end-to-end technology solutions that address risk adjustment and quality, health management, member acquisition and conversion, and administrative challenges for Medicare Advantage and other government-sponsored health plans.

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