Retrospective Chart Retrieval & Review

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Retrospective Chart Retrieval & Review

Certified Coders Bridge the Gap

Retrospective Chart Retrieval and Review can help you achieve coding and documentation goals that contribute to your risk score accuracy.

Medical Record Retrieval

To minimize provider disruption, we use several methods to retrieve requested medical records, from fax and mail to remote EMR and onsite collection. Our online portal allows you to monitor retrieval rates and provider issues throughout the entire process.

Medical Record Review

We employ natural language processing tools to help our medical record coders zero in on key insights within the medical record for accurate and complete coding

We bring an exclusively employed team of AHIMA and AAPC-certified medical coders to review records to capture any risk adjustable medical conditions that were not previously reported for the measurement year.

Our skilled coders and review process drive efficient and high-quality review, coding and quality assurance. To ensure reputable results, we use internal quality assurance measures and a third-party auditor, who performs two yearly audits.


  • Improved member risk scores
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Demonstrated strong returns with an average of 5-7:1 ROI
  • Greater than 95% accuracy rate of code reviews by AHIMA and AAPC-certified medical coders

Extend Functionality: Add-on Solutions

  • HRADV/RADV Audit Support
  • Two-Way Review and Claims Validation
  • Retrospective Gap Identification and Chart Chase List Creation
  • Analytics & dashboard reporting

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