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Get the Big Picture on Billing

Our billing platform drives efficiency, lowers costs and enhances member satisfaction to simplify your operations and accelerate your growth.

Managing critical administrative functions like billing, claims and enrollment create an ongoing challenge for healthcare plans with far-reaching implications beyond missed revenue. Establishing and maintaining consistent and accurate billing processes requires a significant investment in resources and energy to ensure that gaps are filled, and things are running smoothly. With the pressure to simultaneously hold down costs, focus on members and maintain a high level of accuracy, it is important that plans can rely on their billing platform to support ongoing improvement efforts. For this reason, having a scalable and configurable technology platform can enable your plan to create the agility necessary to succeed in the government healthcare marketplace.

Proven results delivered through a configurable billing platform

With a strong understand of government managed healthcare, Advantasure has created a billing platform that directly supports the complex needs of a growing plan. With flexible premium loading capabilities at plan, group and member levels, our billing solution’s self-service configuration can fit your specific needs. From generating invoices for employer groups, sub-groups and individuals, to the ability to easily configure the system without changing the base code, we can keep you ahead of market demands and business evolution. Advantasure delivers rich invoicing, payment processing and delinquency management capabilities to dramatically improve your customer service measures with timely and accurate billing.

Platform Capabilities

  • Automate billing operations to reduce time spent on manual processes, rework and customer service with increased accuracy
  • Single solution billing to adapt to nearly any billing model, including multi-party split billing for Medicare and Commercial ACA
  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Integrate with banks and automated payment applications for compliant, scalable functionality
  • Daily oversight of processing teams
  • Gain insight into the billing process with:
    • Comprehensive post-invoice generation reports
    • Configurable daily, weekly and monthly reports
    • General ledger reports
  • Create a full range of standardized and customized reports at the detail and summary levels, including:
    • Sales journal, cash receipts and A/R aging
    • Invoice records
    • Summaries that users can view, search, sort or print
    • Member level reconciliation for groups

Simplify Your Billing Process

Our billing solution is more than technology. Built specifically for the government healthcare space, our solutions are backed by a team with deep expertise and experience in each area of the billing cycle. Billing works as a stand-alone solution, but also partners well with our enrollment, claims and other administrative technology platform to further accelerate your plan’s performance.

Extend Functionality: Add-on Solutions

  • Provider Portal
  • Member Portal
  • Correspondence

Additional Features

  • Automate invoice generation, payment processing and reconciliation, and delinquency processes
  • Generate invoices for past balances, LIS amounts and LEP for Medicare members by using configured Part C and Part D premium adjustment criteria
  • Automatically make retroactive adjustments, including additions, terms and changes to group/division, rate, LIS/LEP, coverage type or age/gender
  • Search invoice and payment history and reprint invoices
  • Post payments to a specified invoice or remaining balance amount
  • Reconcile payments and write-offs
  • Support auto-payment posting and reconciliations for multiple payment methods

Let’s talk about we can help your plan manage challenges and achieve your goals for billing and other administrative functions.

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