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Full Service Billing Management for Your Plan

Get the big picture on your billing operations while improving efficiency, lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction with our scalable, compliant, highly-configurable billing services.

Managing critical administrative functions like billing, claims and enrollment can quickly stress even the most seasoned of health plans. Establishing and maintaining consistent and accurate billing processes requires a significant investment in resources and energy to ensure that gaps are filled, and things are running smoothly. Often, even when the steps are taken to make these processes robust and efficient, problems can arise that lead to significant issues. Determining what to manage internally, how to allocate resources to keep technology current and how to improve these operations in real time, creates a difficult balancing act. For many plans, outsourcing these activities to businesses that can deliver proven solutions and work in partnership represents a strategy that delivers results for the near term and allows for future growth and development.

Complete Billing Management

Advantasure provides full-service options for enrollment, claims and billing functions. Our billing solution leverages our advanced technology platforms, combined with our proven processing systems and trained staff, to provide a complete solution. Our systems were built for government healthcare plans, delivering solutions that are easily updated to meet changing requirements. Your plan benefits immediately from updated, compliant technology, an efficient and knowledgeable team and streamlined operations.

We process premium billing for varying product types. Our billing system provides seamless integration with banks and automates payment application, while providing comprehensive reporting to manage member premium management.

Service Capabilities

  • Monthly billing support and reconciliation for member premiums including automated clearing house, Social Security Administration (SSA), premium invoice billing and collection of associated payments
  • Oversight and execution of the past due premium process for non-SSA members include delinquency and disenrollment according to CMS Standards
  • Deliver standard member premium related monthly reporting to support client month end close
  • Payment processing via mail, EFT, ACH, SSA deduction and support for relevant reconciliation, along with application of LIS, LEP, SSA and RRB adjustments
  • Daily oversight of processing teams
  • Maintain workflows, policies and procedures and desk level procedures for all enrollment functions

Simplify Your Billing Operations

Helping plans achieve their business objectives with technology platforms and full-service options is at the core of what we do. Our team, with deep experience in regulatory, plan, technology, government agency and other fields, knows what it takes to be successful in core enrollment, claims and billing operations, along with quality and risk adjustment solutions. We can help existing plans that want to control administrative costs while receiving the benefit of updated technology, outsourced operations and technology resources. Our solutions and expertise enable organizations entering the Medicare Advantage market to jump start a new plan without the burden of expensive infrastructure and staffing.

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