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Bridging the Gap Between Prediction & Action in Health Management

The platform’s AI machine learning models power predictive analytics, rising risk indicators, and is translated into actionable provider workflows—bridging the gap between analytics and intelligent action. This proactive approach reduces avoidable costs in care and produces better outcomes.

Unifying an ecosystem of users under a common goal—reduce costs while improving provider and member satisfaction

Advantasure’s Health Management Platform is organized around an innovative role-based work-flow model. The power of organizing workflow around roles results in a dramatically simplified user experience. The platform comes with a robust set of out-of-the-box, automated workflows and content that is easily configurable and quickly customized to meet the needs of your organization. Valuable staff time is freed from cumbersome system workarounds to increase quality time spent with members. One-click integrations between care management and utilization management provides streamlined process for timely, accurate, and efficient entry tracking and reporting on prior authorizations, appeals, and grievances.

  • Modern UX with one-click to next-best-action
  • Just-in-time, compliance-driven workflows adapt to each member using real-time data, business rules, and turnaround times
  • AI-enabled clinical decision support tools such as predictive analytics and auto-authorizations
  • Automated workflows create staffing efficiencies at scale—clinical staff can work at the top of their license, while less costly staff can become more involved in member engagement through guided workflows
  • Gold Carding providers, single sign-on provider portal, clocks, ODAG reports and pharmacy management

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