Member Conversion and Prospect Acquisition Solution

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Member Conversion and Prospect Acquisition Solution

Powering Digital Outreach With Machine Learning

For MA Prospects and Annual Enrollment period (AEP) Acquisition & Group To Individual Plan Conversion

Our member acquisition solution offers the highest level of digital marketing sophistication; using existing data for member demographics, health and claims information, and digital interaction metrics. This intelligence is used to produce campaigns for Medicare Advantage plan member acquisition and group to individual plan conversion. All campaigns are curated by machine learning technology, a team of data analysts, behavioral scientists, and content specialists. Our solution produces highly refined micro-segments of your target populations for tailored messaging. The solution complements traditional marketing efforts such as postal, call-down, and broker approaches. The end result? A high-converting persuasion platform that delivers the right message to the right person at the right time.


This behind-the-scenes platform uses existing data and produces a seamless member experience. A fully managed service that operates in the cloud, reducing the need for your IT team to build costly and complex database silos. Connect with members in new ways and help drive them to heighten their plan affinity.


We develop a healthcare data lake unique to your organization using your existing data including member, claims, and provider data. The data is analyzed using machine learning technology and our specialized team of analytics, behavioral science, and content experts to develop actionable intelligence for future campaigns.


Streamline Medicare Advantage enrollment using digital campaigns to make acquisition more effective, scalable, and cost-efficient. Target new prospects and convert aging-in group to individual plan members. Deploy campaigns quickly and pivot the campaign messaging based on carefully tracked metrics and machine learning suggestions.






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